We started the design with a question: why do all base layers feel like getting a hug from a grown-up python and the best moment of the day is when you escape from its embrace? 

We wanted to create a totally different experience: imperceptible, breathable, thin & lightweight but warm. Form-fitting but not suffocating – the feeling of feeling nothing at all regardless of the activity or the body shape. Skiing the slopes or cross country, hiking, sailing, coldwater surfing or just taking the dog out in a November rain should be a positive experience.

The touch and feel of all Stealth garments is just as in our current collections because
the inner layer of the thin and seamless knit is ECONYL® yarn, while the outer layer is merino wool.

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Highland Smoothshell™todg-ID
Men's Long Sleeve Stealth ShirtMen's Long Sleeve Stealth Shirt
Highland Smoothshell™todg-ID
Men's Stealth PantMen's Stealth Pant
the other danish guy™
Men's Stealth Pant Sale price2 119 kr

1 color available

Highland Smoothshell™todg-ID
Women's Long Sleeve Stealth ShirtWomen's Long Sleeve Stealth Shirt
Highland Smoothshell™todg-ID
Women's Stealth PantWomen's Stealth Pant
the other danish guy™
Women's Stealth Pant Sale price2 199 kr

1 color available

Half moon

Sleeves have a half moon shaped thumb opening. When not used, sleeve can be folded and no one knows there is any opening.

Unique blend - Stealth shirt

Stealth shirts have a unique blend of finest Merino wool (58%) and ECONYL® (42%) yarn.

Unique blend - Stealth pants

Stealth pants have a unique blend of finest Merino wool (56%), ECONYL® (41%) yarn and elastane (3%).

Well hello handsome!

height 182 cm
waist 95 cm
chest 106 cm

He wears size L

Well hello Gorgeous!

height 167 cm
waist 74 cm
chest 95 cm

She wears size M

Inspired by reality

Crafted in Portugal
with love & passion

Highland SmoothShell™

Unique blend of finest Merino wool
and recycled Econyl yarn


All garments have a special todg-ID
as a proof of authenticity

Limited quantities

Only a limited number of Stealth garments
are produced each year

Well hello Gorgeous!

height 156 cm
waist 99 cm
chest 111 cm

She wears size XL

Well hello Gorgeous!

height 164 cm
waist 66 cm
chest 88 cm

She wears size S