Season 1

Recognized Danish director with a vision is asked for help and his life is made interesting by marching as diverse a crowd as possible to the underwear shoot. Then a global pandemic strikes, so directing is either done by phone or remotely. There wasn’t a language barrier, but otherwise all sorts of obstacles were built all by ourselves.

Season 1It’s a wrap.

It’s a wrap.

Let’s move forward! Not everything can be fixed in post. 8/8

Season 1The reconciliation.

The reconciliation.

Lars calls it a day without any plans for the future. 7/8

Season 1No entry for old men.

No entry for old men.

Lars wants to quit but realises the madness is not over before he makes a deal with someone. 6/8

Season 1She's a drifter.

She's a drifter.

Lars learns an important lesson about life. When you get knocked down, stay down. 5/8

Season 1Nude is not just a color.

Nude is not just a color.

Finns have finally something they could export globally, but Lars doubts if the globe is ready for it. 4/8

Season 1Father of the Year.

Father of the Year.

It needs a dane to explain Lars the difference of Father's day between Denmark and Finland. 3/8

Season 1The New Normal.

The New Normal.

Lars learns an interesting, less-known fact about the fashion industry. 2/8

Season 1Behold the man.

Behold the man.

Distinguished danish director gets an assignment from a tiny underwear brand. 1/8